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Super fast internet over 3G/4G... without broadband

With more of us working from home these days, getting decent broadband speeds can be tricky -especially if you work out in the countryside like we do however with a little time and money it doesn't need to be dial-up slow.

Over the years we've tried a number of difference solutions including BT's Broadband, BT Fibre, Airband's long range wifi, some of which were better than others but we've settled on a 4G mobile reception solution and get average speeds of over 20MB which is more than enough to stream Netflix.

Offers change all the time so the best thing to do would be to pop into your local Three, EE and Vodafone stores and ask them about their 4G Home Mobile Broadband (not ADSL/Fibre Broadband).

Both Three and Vodafone are currently offering Unlimited plans and I think EE were offering the same. Three are currently offering a home hub which seems to bundle it all together as too are Vodafone with their Gigacube which should simplify things -although if you have poor reception inside your house you may want to go the more DIY route. If you're going the DIY route, grab a data only SIM plan.

Once you've chosen a mobile provider (Vodafone, Three, EE etc) then you'll need a router which will connect to the mobile network and give you internal WiFi. There are lots of options out there but I think the best balance of cost vs capability is the Huawei B535 3G/4G router which you can get on Amazon here. Make sure it's unlocked.

To get the best signal (it really does make a huge difference) I would recommend installing an antenna as well we have this external omni directional antenna which works really well. You plug it in where the supplied antennas plug in. You'll want to try a few spots outside rather than just popping the antenna as high as you can due to the shape of mobile radio waves.

I hope that helps someone looking for a good alternative to the classic wired broadband suppliers.

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