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Developing with Umbraco and Git (or any other source control system)

I've had a couple of people ask me recently how we use source control (in our case Git but this should work with Mercurial) with Umbraco and within a team. This is more of a discussion post and I'm interested to learn more how you've solved it so leave a comment!

In short -we only store those files which are modified from the default install in our source control system.

By only storing the modified files in source control it allows you to quickly see which files you need to update should you want to update. It also gives you clarity as your repo isn't clogged full of lots of files.

If you run your sites locally then the best thing to do is have your IIS folder outside your Git directory and copy the files as you change them into the IIS folder you can use something like robocopy to do that.

So to summarise, our "general" repo structure looks like this:

  • App_Code
  • App_Data
  • App_Start
  • config
    • umbracoSettings.config
  • css
  • img
    • macroScripts
    • Scripts
    • Views
    • web.config

As development continues, if you change any of the standard files, add them to your repo.

Let me know what you do.

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