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UK Umbraco meet up

In a previous post about CodeGarden 08, I asked people to get in touch if they'd be interested in a UK Umbraco meet up. I've had a fair few people get in touch so I think it's something worthwhile pursuing further. The nest stage from my POV is working out the location and potential content of the meet so I thought I'd open it up to the floor.

With the forthcoming DDD7, I thought it might be a ready-built platform that we could use but I agree with Phil that DDD7 may not be a suitable platform for a multitude of reasons.

As I've had people from the South West and Scotland voice an interest, I don't think it'll suit the majority of people to have it based in London so suggest it is based in the Midlands -probably Birmingham as it's easy to get to (M6 from the North, M4 from London, M5 from the South -or train!) and there are plenty of places to have the meet.

In regards the format/content of the meet, does anyone have any suggestions? We could follow Niels' and Per's open format or we can have a more structured theme? I've not had too much of a think as to subject matter but some I have come up with so far:

  • An introduction to Umbraco and what it is (many of the people I've spoken to have only just started using Umbraco)
  • Examples of Umbraco how Umbraco can be used
  • More advanced Umbraco functionality (membership etc)
  • Getting to grips with XSLT
  • How to sell Umbraco to your clients

So that's where I've got to so far, does anyone have anything to add?

BTW the logo is just a working logo atm, need to have Niels approve it ;)

Update: I have posted a post on the Umbraco forums about a UK Umbraco meet here

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