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Wine and Hamper Gifts

Building the perfect website is like building the perfect hamper, it takes just enough of the right ingredients and a lot of time and love.

Porter & Woodman asked us to build on the success of previous years and update the website for the 2012 Christmas campaign. Knowing the functionality we can now offer they were also keen on upgrading their e-commerce  platform.

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The 2012 Christmas Redesign

One of the fun things of working with the Wine and Hamper Gifts website is that we have a lot of historical analytical data (visitors, sales, search and click tracking) to base our decisions on.

The Wine and Hamper Gifts website is also a great challenge as we like to bring something fresh and innovative each year.

This year we decided our core focus for the 2012 Christmas campaign was making more use of the fantastic product photography they have taken each year.

To give more emphasis on some products over others on the product list pages, we adopted a masonry layout where each row is constructed from a large, medium and small product items,

To avoid less popular products appearing in a main placeholder, Porter & Woodman can control which products were displayed in each of the sizes.

Product detail pages can often be uninspiring and confuse the user. This year we decided to show the product details in a pop-up. As pop-up windows can cause issues for some users including search engines, with this in mind, there are two versions of the product page -one for those with JavaScipt enabled and a page that Porter & Woodman can link to directly.

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