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Everybody likes to get down, dirty and play in the mud every now and again

WildPlay is an outdoor play and activity organisation based in Herefordshire. Having had a small sub-section of the Herefordshire Nature Trusts' website for the past few years, they were in need of their own fun and engaging website to showcase their work in the community.

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Work can still be play!

Having spent the past few years using Adobe's Contribute to update their website, WildPlay needed the ability to quickly edit the content of their site, update events and keep people informed. Thankfully, our CMS (Umbraco) is the perfect solution.

The new website is entirely managed by the WildPlay staff using the simple-to-use CMS which allows them to quickly add events, locations and new team members.

To make the site a little more engaging, we added an interactive map showing the various locations around Herefordshire that WildPlay use. This is particularly useful for those parents looking to find something close to them.

As some of the locations are a little off the beaten track, each event allows the visitor enter their postcode and it will give them custom directions to the event.

Photos of the event can be added as well to show visitors what they'll be doing on the day.

As WildPlay had a good library of photos from their events in Herefordshire, we decided to make better use of these by having a full-scale images in the background of the site which made a real impact.

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