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Tipi Adventure

When was the last
time you played
cowboys and Indians
or row-row-rowed
your boat gently down
the stream?

Tipi Adventure is a local outdoor experience company who wanted a website to promote their business and which customers could use to enquire about an adventure in a tipi. 

Although Tipi Adventure had an existing website, they felt that it was dated and no longer inspired people to book. As they were getting a lot of visitors due to being featured in many large publications they felt it was time for an update.

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2012 Website Redesign

We designed an adventurous website for Tipi Adventures which aims to incorporate the fun nature of their adventures while making it easy for people to learn more.

One thing we quickly learnt about Tipi Adventure is the fantastic diversity in their client base. This is great for a business but it makes it very difficult to target one in the website's design. Instead, on review of the website's user groups, we decided it would be better to group them into: Families, Groups and Stag & Hen. As groups were the preferred, we gave this the most weight throughout.

The website is powered by our powerful Content Management System (CMS) giving Tipi Adventure complete control over the content on the website. Both text and images can be easily uploaded and added to the gallery.

Email Template

When they met with us, Tipi Adventures were already regularly emailing over 13,000 prospects they had gained through their various trade shows with special offers. However they had no insights into the open rates, clicks or bounces which made it difficult to justify the cost.

To tie in with the new website we recommended they designed a new email format that they could use to email their customers with. We designed an email that could be used easily in a variety of formats. More importantly we moved them onto our excellent email marketing platform giving them more email statistics than they could shake a stick at.

Since the email template was introduced they've had some fantastic feedback from the recipients which is reflected in regular open rates of around 20% and click through rates of 15%. 

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