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Staunton Moods

Looking this good off the peg has never been made so easy

After having difficulties with their previous website designers, the stylish shirt designers Staunton Moods asked us to complete their e-commerce website which was powered by Umbraco and uCommerce.

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How We Helped

The first step was to resolve the outstanding issues with the website development that had already been completed, and finish off the functionalities that were either incomplete or missing. With a huge investment to date, the key focus was to get the website earning as soon as possible.

Having so many fantastic model shots of their shirts, the first step was to make better use of the surplus photography. Rather than designing a standard grid gallery where each image is square and uniform, we devised a more interesting "masonry" layout.

Launching a new brand is a tall order at the best of times but it's also incredibly exciting and rewarding. On getting to know the 'behind-the-scenes' on what the brand directors had been up to it was clear that they were sitting on some incredible insights into clothing production that just had to be shared.

Setting up a blog seemed the perfect way of keeping their loyal customers up-to-date with the latest Staunton Moods news while also giving people a fascinating insight into what it takes to launch and maintain a brand.

The blog was designed to match the website and is powered by the Umbraco CMS meaning Staunton Moods has a single location from where to manage their entire website.

The power of the internet has made the world a very small place and Staunton Moods was keen to take advantage of this and get their shirts into every corner of the globe. 

Rather than handling multiple currencies, exchange rates and payment providers which is tricky, time consuming and often costly, we recommended the integration of a live exchange rate lookup into the product list.

Hooking into the live exchange rates, this has worked really well and lets the customer have a quick idea of how much the shirt will cost in their local currency.

Sometimes you've got to go out there and get the clients rather than waiting for them to come to you so as well as a blog we setup Staunton Moods on our emailing system.

With only a small base of subscribers in the early stages (you've got to start somewhere), they have been getting great open and click-through rates (we would expect this from your first subscribers).

The Staunton Moods guys are poised to take over the world now and we're really excited to be part of their journey.




We're really happy with the team at The Site Doctor. It is very reassuring to have their talent overseeing our site to ensure that it is always functioning and continually improving.

We're also very pleased to have a high level of self-reliance afforded to us by the CMS. It has given us a level of control that we need to easily edit our content, making our work easier and faster without the need to have someone else do this for us. 

Tim and his team are true professionals who are genuinely dedicated to ensuring that our website is the best it can be.

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