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Louise Pilditch

Inspiration can come from any place at any time. Lucky Louise finds it in beautiful places.

Local artist Louise Pilditch contacted us after we worked with The Elms School to resolve the issues with their website. We created a small website to showcase some of her artwork for an upcoming show.

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What We Created

For us, the important thing to do was to get the paintings in front of the visitor as quickly as possible. Having had some great feedback on the layout of pictures we did for Staunton Moods we felt it would be a fantastic opportunity to put it to good use again.

As the website is designed to promote a show which will be featuring Louise's artwork, we added a content management area for Louise to populate the website as she sees fit.

Painting Details

All paintings tell a story so we allowed Louise to enter some text about each piece of artwork, describing her emotions of the piece and giving the user some great insight into her thoughts. This text is positioned underneath a large scale image of the painting displayed on a pop-up overlay.

The overlay also displays up to 4 related paintings allowing the user to quickly navigate through the online gallery.

Contact Form

We felt it was important that users could quickly and easily contact Louise about her work so added a contact form to the bottom of the page. Due to the length of the page we included a link which can quickly scroll the user back to the top of the page.

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