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Florame Organic Aromatherapy

Florame found getting ranked in Google as easy as keeping calm is with their oil difusers

The UK division of organic aromatherapy producer - Florame were already spearheading the company's online presence but they wanted take things to the next level.

We were approached by the Florame to improve their search engine ranking within the UK search results as although they were getting a few orders, their presence was often non-existent or so deep into the results that potential new customers would never find the website.

On investigating Florame's website we identified many issues with the site’s coding that would impact on both the site’s search engine ranking and customer experience. These issues had to be rectified as a matter of urgency before they lose out on both new customers and more importantly sales.


Diagnosing The Key Problems

Several examples of pressing issues can be seen in the "Previous Website" screenshot.

Poor Navigation

The navigation system often overlapped the site’s content making it difficult to decipher between the content and menu options

Use of the navigation system was more often than not cumbersome and made it very easy for the user not to select the desired menu

Misleading Shortcuts

The shortcuts on the right hand side of the content were misleading. Furthermore, once tracking information had been integrated into the site it was noted that over 80% of the visitors to the homepage were clicking on the “Free” link which took them to a page about free shipping on orders over £30 –they would then more often than not exit the site.

The Diagnosis

Altering the design of the site was outside the remit of our work so the alterations we made were kept as closely to those that would improve the site’s search engine ranking and increase sales.

The Outcome

The effects of our changes were felt almost instantly as the changes to the menu system meant customers could get access to the products a lot easier but they didn't stop there. Over the coming months, Florame's position in the search engine results improved dramatically.

The initial alterations we made to Florame's website have took the website from a virtually non-existent ranking for “organic aromatherapy” to a consistent 3rd/4th place with regular 1st place positions.

Getting Results

Although the emphasis for the search engine position was initially on “organic aromatherapy”, Florame also signed up to a monthly service level agreement with us which allows us to continually improve the Florame website inline with changes in the industry.

In addition to offering Florame system support, this monthly maintenance agreement has begun achieving useful rankings on other related search terms and traffic to the site continues to rise on a regular basis.

"The team at The Site Doctor is professional, efficient, friendly and patient! They understand what’s required and just get on with it. No job is too much trouble for them which leaves us time to focus on the rest of the business."

Rocky Husain
e-commerce SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)