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Festive Sparkle

Everyone needs a little sparkle during the festive period

The downbeat economy can't stop Christmas and Festive Sparkle were determined to prove that! Not having traded before (let alone on the internet), Festive Sparkle needed an e-commerce website with all the trimmings to give them the best chance to sell their Christmas products.

Starting from nothing, we worked with them to create everything for them including their name, brand, website and business processes to name but a few.

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Going from £0-£260,000 in under 9.4 weeks isn't easy but we did it!

When we first met with the team behind Festive Sparkle, they had nothing other than a lot of product coming into the UK in time for Christmas. The problem was; the year was already well underway and the clock was still ticking.

Technology moves faster than Santa's sleigh so we had to ensure that the e-commerce website could handle every device from mobile to desktop; not only this year but be ready for next year.

A responsive website is one that adapts to best display the page's content to the user on the device they are using to ensure the optimal experience at all times.

Using our in-house techniques we built an ultra-responsive website which led to a large percentage of sales from mobile and tablet devices -something we expect to increase next year.

Sprinkle a pinch of Christmas cheer and some very nice graphical touches and we created a website that made the visitors feel Christmasy from the outset.

Using Umbraco and uCommerce we were able to quickly and efficiently deliver an e-commerce website that would stand up to the ultimate test - a lot of time-dependant visitors all looking to add some extra glitter and sparkle to their Christmas.

Faceted search options and bright, colourful imagery helped the Festive Sparkle team towards their sales targets as well as helping customers see products clearer. Some extra video work helped bring the products to life.

We setup and ran their Twitter and Facebook campaigns, further promoting the company image.

Thanks to having the e-commerce website foundations in place with uCommerce, we had time to give further thought to the checkout process. Having had great success with it in previous e-commerce website projects, we further refined our take on a checkout process which we are pleased to say, once again worked very well.

Despite a few teething issues with getting the high level of orders out and dealing with customer enquiries, we feel the project was a resounding success with a fascinating insight into e-commerce.

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