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Emmat Medical

With no compromise on instrument quality, there was no way we could compromise on their website.

The medical and surgical equipment supplier Emmat Medical asked us to revamp their outdated website with a fresh new look and feel which would showcase their product range (something which they were unable to do before).

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What We Did

With the core market being clinical staff, the website was designed using the NHS guidelines to ensure that it felt familiar to new visitors while being easy to use.

Product List- Grid View

One of the features of this website is that you can view the products either in grid or list form, this makes the usability easier for the customer as they can personalise how they browse. 

The grid option displays larger product images along with the name and price of the product.

Product List- List View

The list option allows users to enquire about the item without having to be on the individual product page. 

Product Details

The product details page allows the user to zoom in and out on the product image and add the desired variation to their quotation sheet.

Your Quotation

Similar to a regular shopping cart page, this page overviews the items the use has in their quotation and asks for the last few bits of information including name and address. When submitted the list of items is sent to Emmat for a quotation.

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