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Elm Tree Foods

With a dash of this and
a sprinkle of that, you've got a the makings of a website suitable for an artisan pie baker

The family run business, Elm Tree Foods needed a website where they could display their wonderful homemade pies. 

What We Cooked Up

As award winning pie bakers, we knew we had to cook up something really special for Elm Tree Foods to do their pies justice. When they came to us, they wanted a more main-stream website similar to their competitor's, we proposed this fun and funky website which matched their pies and business instead.

Being built on the powerful Umbraco CMS meant that we were easily able to add different page types including a list of their pies, recipes and locations.

As they're busy baking pies we knew we needed an easy way of allowing them to update the content without logging onto the website every day. As they were already very active on Twitter we integrated their Twitter feed into the homepage.

Elm Tree Foods can easily update their site whenever they need to using their administration area.

The site was an immediate hit with customers, suppliers and Elm Tree Foods themselves.

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