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David Lawrence Rare Coins

It wasn't just from a coin toss that David Lawrence Rare Coins chose us to build their latest B2C e-commerce website

After having spent a number of years building and maintaining an in-house e-commerce platform for their rare coins auction website, David Lawrence Rare Coins felt it was time for a revamp.

David Lawrence Rare Coins had already identified uCommerce as a potential e-commerce platform and were directed to us by the uCommerce team as they know we develop some pretty bespoke e-commerce websites using uCommerce.

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How We Helped

Due to the size of the existing e-commerce website, the first step was for us to fully scope the existing website and document the various bits of functionality.

Working in conjunction with the David Lawrence Rare Coins team, we carefully documented every aspect of the system and it's functionality until everyone was happy both existing and new functionality was fully scoped. We also reviewed the various e-commerce options they had and we decided that uCommerce would be a suitable platform.

Armed with this detailed specification, we got to work, first designing the key aspects of the site, then hand crafting the code to bring the designs to life and finally fully testing the platform that had been developed.

More than just breakpoints

We spent a long time carefully designing and structuring the e-commerce website to be as performant as possible, the items on the page are carefully laid out to ensure that the most important information to the visitor is first on the page, the code is as small as possible to reduce download times and we even only load the images as the user scrolls down the page to speed up the page load times.

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