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We have made selling telephone numbers online as simple as calling the talking clock

Gamma Telecom had a vision -make buying your next business phone number as simple as buying your groceries online. 

How We Helped

They had already decided Umbraco was the best CMS for their needs but needed a e-commerce engine to match. Thankfully uCommerce had recently been released and was the obvious choice to complement Umbraco.

As one of the first e-commerce websites built on uCommerce in the world, Gamma Telecom called on The Site Doctor to get them up and running.

This was certainly a challenge as they had a number of unusual requirements including integration with the Direct Debit system (which at the time was relatively new) and integration with their bespoke back-office CRM system. 

Number Details

As a number can only be sold once, we had to find a way to restrict not only the sale of the number (not something that is built into uCommerce) but also accomodate the various configuration options they ofered. As one of the first uCommerce sites to be completed, this was breaking new ground for both us and the uCommerce team.

The bespoke e-commerce website was developed with astounding pace and we were well supported throughout by an excellent project team who were ready to produce every aspect of the design.

Working with the supplied designs we managed to get the new website up and running in a matter of weeks -something of a record at the time.

The website is still in operation and has been a run-away success since it's launch.

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