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Christmas is covered with these wonderful gifts

One of our oldest e-commerce customers had had a little time with the competition Christmas Hampers UK decided it was time to return to our e-commerce expertise to properly promote their hampers online.

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2018 Website Redesign


Redesigned, built and launched all in time for the 2018 Christmas season the new Christmas Hampers UK website launched with a bang. It has since been refreshed each year and continues to build on previous year's successes despite current adversities.

The e-commerce website is built on Ucommerce and Umbraco making it a powerful combination offering a huge amount of flexibility and customisation.

The core product ranges are highlighted front-and-centre on the homepage of the site with a composite hero banner which has far outperformed the normal hero banners you find on many websites these days as it targets a variety of customer demographics.

The site features a mega menu which again highlights best sellers for each category to inspire buyers without needing to dig too deeply into the website.

As many of the sales are offline, we facilitate the sales process by incorporating other upsells in the product listing page such as downloading a brochure or requesting a quote online.

The request a quote form is a dynamic form which adjusts to the time of year and alters the options and questions accordingly allowing the site to sell all year round.

To showcase their carefully crafted photography, the product page makes full use of it by making the product imagery the main focus of the product's web page.

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