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Born In the Barn

We practice what we preach. Sometimes we even amaze ourselves…

Having trouble with recruitment and not wanting to use recruitment agents we stepped back from the process and decided to turn to what we do best.

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So What Did We Do?

The main issue we felt we had was that there are so many fantastic reasons to work with The Site Doctor:- great clients, a stunning work environment, cutting-edge websites, free drinks -the list just goes on. The problem was when we put this into job adverts it wasn't easy to make ourselves stand out from the crowd.

The concept was simple, rather than us telling you what we had on offer at The Site Doctor, we decided to let the candidates tell us what was most important to them in a working environment.

We asked everyone who worked with The Site Doctor regularly to write a list of their favourite things which we then popped in to a big list (the card deck).

Visitors to the site could then choose the cards that were most important to them and when they felt they had the perfect hand were encouraged to submit the hand to us along with a little more information about themselves and their desired salary.

We took bets on what the most popular cards would be but there were a few surprises in there, we have found that the most popular workplace statements are:

  • Getting rewarded for your hard work
  • Flexi-time and birthday off
  • Working in an industry that you enjoy
  • Work in a stylish new barn conversion
  • Working with enthusiastic people
  • Have a voice
  • Supportive, caring work environment
  • Your choice of computer hardware
  • Getting to work with the latest technology
  • Health and wellbeing

Keeping Track Of It All

In case we didn't get a suitable candidate we wanted to know what turned candidates on about working in the web industry so we logged the cards people chose. We tracked as soon as people interacted with the website, which cards they added to their hands and ultimately who contacted us as a result.

With data from over 25,000 hands, we've got some fantastically interesting insights into our target audience. More importantly we had a couple of great applicants -and a new employee!

As a final statement we had a dedicated link at the top of the site for recruitment agencies. Once this link was clicked the deck of cards flipped to display jokers and a message was displayed informing the user that we weren't interested in dealing with agencies.

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