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Cavell Nurses' Trust Scholarship Awards

Nursing talent that puts Britain's Got Talent and the X-Factor to shame.

Update: The awards closed with over 75% more entries than 2011!

Cavell Nurses' Trust were keen to build on the very successful Scholarship Awards introduced in 2011 and we were pleased to have once again been asked to create them an inviting and engaging awards microsite.

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The 2012 Awards Website

Having a little more time to design and develop the website this year (but not much more!) we used the extra time to design a very smart looking website.

Cavell Nurses' Trust wanted to use the awards to raise the profile of the trust and the good work it did so unlike the 2011 website, we decided to initially hide the application form until the user selected the award they were interested in.

Once an award had been selected, the visitor was given more information about the award, who qualifies, who should apply and what benefits the winner receives.

By splitting the entry form into 3 easy to follow steps with a clear, animated breadcrumb trail we simplified the application process which was very well received. The breadcrumb trail ensures the applicant know where in the process they currently are.

To assist the applicant further, we validated the data as it was entered into the form. This reduced the number of applications which were received with missing information.

Everyone has questions but all too often FAQ pages on websites are difficult to read and uninspiring so we designed the page to be easy to use and inviting. Displayed in a pop-up window, the FAQs are available from every page of the website.

The 2012 awards website received a lot of praise from it's launch which has gone down very well.

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