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Business Networking can is as important to your business as your website. Why take the risk?

4Networking are one of the UK's leading business networking services. They have over 250 meetings all over the UK and take pride in their friendly and welcoming attitude but they didn't feel it was being conveyed by their online presence. We were invited to re-design, develop and support the new 4Networking website which we've had great fun doing.

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Although a fairly simple website on the surface, there is a considerable amount of technical complexity under-the-hood of the website which not only lists the members, meetings, articles and videos of it's members but also manages all aspects of the business.

The business operates using a number of distributed teams who are based all over the UK. They are responsible for all aspects of managing their group and team -all of which is done through the website.

We built a user-friendly and mobile-friendly (responsive) website which makes managing all aspects of the business really quick and simple.

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