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Taking the stress out of web design with The Site Doctor's new marketing "gimmick"

So the logo and new website was complete, next we needed a marketing gimmick and a way to promote our services. We already had an idea of how we were going to promote ourselves but we needed a way of making it stand out.

We needed something that fitted with our new pill shaped logo but what? A label on some wine? Coloured TicTacs? Pens, Badges, Stickers...? They'd all been done before 101 times and we wanted to be different.

After banging heads together for a while it struck me, the perfect "gimmick" to go with our new brand identity had been around for years -in fact I got the inspiration from my mum who was a GP in Plymouth for many years. As a kid, I remember when she came home after a medical convention with hundreds of freebies including pens, post-its and calculators, but the one that got me thinking was the stressballs. She used to get pill shaped stress balls... What could be more perfect I ask you?

It sounds silly but getting a Red and White coloured stressball wasn't easy, I called around tens if not hundreds of suppliers, all of whom were able to supply us with Orange/White or Blue/White or All White stressballs but Red/White would take weeks to manufacture. The problem it turns out is that nearly all stressballs are made in China and there is only a single UK importer who all agents buy off. That combined with the Chinese new year made lead times grow exponentially.

Thanks to the wonderful power of Google, we did manage to find a supplier (in the UK no less) that was able to custom print the stressballs so watch this space for the outcome!

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