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  1. Aug

    Add every country to uCommerce

    Something I learnt the other day was that uCommerce uses the culture code you specify for a country to determine the two/three digit ISO code when sending the order to the payment gateway. This is

    Posted by: Tim on Friday, August 16 2013
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  2. May

    Quickly delete all products and orders from uCommerce

    Sometimes you need to blitz your uCommerce database e.g. just before launch or to remove the testing products etc. This is a quick database clear script which will clear delete all orders and

    Posted by: Tim on Saturday, May 11 2013
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  3. Nov

    Download any Umbraco document type’s values as crosstab/Excel table

    In a follow up to my post yesterday -How to download Umbraco content properties into a crosstab table this is the follow up SQL Script that makes it even easier to download any Umbraco document type

    Posted by: Tim on Tuesday, November 09 2010
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