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  1. Mar

    How To: Quickly Set Umbraco File and Folder Permissions with PowerShell

    In 2010 I blogged about how to set Umbraco folder permissions using PowerShell. This has been a really handy snippet -but it's always been a bit of a pain when dealing with new servers, remembering

    Posted by: Tim on Friday, March 16 2018
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  2. Jul

    IIS Url Rewrite appends trailing slash after page extension

    I’m a big fan of IIS’s built in Url rewriting module, if you’re not using it, you should be to lowercase urls, set canonical urls and all sorts it’s great. One thing that caught me out when we started

    Posted by: Tim on Friday, July 08 2016
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  3. Jun

    Set Umbraco Folder Permissions with Powershell

    If you're not configuring Umbraco through a web installer, you've had your installs in place for years and never checked the permissions or whoever set the permissions up was lazy and gave IIS write

    Posted by: Tim on Thursday, June 17 2010
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