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  1. Dec

    Speed up your uCommerce checkout pipeline

    Speed is key when it comes to e-commerce. Regardless of which platform you use to sell online it has to be fast and no-where is this truer than the checkout processes. uCommerce is a great platform

    Posted by: Tim on Thursday, December 08 2016
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  2. May

    How To: Bulk delete orders in uCommerce

    Sometimes things go wrong in testing but you don't want to delete all orders so here's a little script that will help you quickly delete orders based on your own criteria. In this example I'm deleting

    Posted by: Tim on Wednesday, May 21 2014
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  3. Mar

    How not to do a "How did you hear about us" selector

    A frequent request we get when creating a checkout process or contact us form is to include a "How did you hear about us" select list. They generally end up looking like this one I screenshot from

    Posted by: Tim on Tuesday, March 12 2013
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