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Fix missing JavaScript file when you rename the Umbraco admin directory

The Error

For those of you who have tried to rename your Umbraco installation directory to something other than the default /umbraco/ you'll have found that TreeInit.aspx throws a JavaScript error along the lines of:

Message: Object expected
Line: 1
Char: 4236
Code: 0

As this only really affects the refresh of the tree/close of a couple of dialogues I've not bothered fixing it but basically the issue is outlined well here:

The Fix

If you're using extension less URLs already then it's easy as pie to sort:

  1. Open your UrlRewriting config file (/config/UrlRewriting.config)
  2. Add this above "</rewrites>":
<add name="missingjs" 
    virtualUrl="^~/## YOUR ADMIN DIRECTORY GOES HERE ##_client/ui/(.*).js" 
    ignoreCase="true" />

If you've not already using extension less URLs don't panic, that's easy to setup you can read all about it here. Alternatively you could just copy the js files from one folder to another ;)

The Why

I don't know how many people already rename their admin dir from something else but as Umbraco becomes a more popular choice of CMS you really should consider hiding the folder (the more popular it becomes, the more people will become more familiar with the default admin directory of /umbraco/).

Although there hasn't yet been a breach (AFAIAA) if a vulnerability is found, the first step in prevention is obfuscation -hide your admin directory! A quick Google search will show you how easy some developers have made it for you to find their admin sites.

Author: Tim on

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