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Error editing Ucommerce marketing campaign

We came across an odd error recently which was thrown when editing a marketing campaign in Ucommerce. It was a fresh install (albeit via nuget) and was along the lines of:

UCommerce.EntitiesV2.DynamicOrderPropertyTarget needs to implement any of the following interfaces: UCommerce.Marketing.Targets.IDisplayTarget, UCommerce.Marketing.Targets.IPurchaseOrderTarget, UCommerce.Marketing.Targets.IOrderLineTarget, or UCommerce.Marketing.Awards.IAward

Ucommerce support hadn't seen the error before and thought that we must have a corrupted DLL somewhere however on closer investigation the issue was actually quite simple -duplicate "Type" entries in the uCommerce_EntityUi table.

To Fix: Simply delete the duplicate records (and the corresponding uCommerce_EntityUiDescription table), touch the web.config and you should be up and running again.

Author: Tim on

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