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Do you know where your company's skills are lacking?

We're recruiting again and to work out what type of recruit we would benefit from the most, we decided to try and assess our strengths and weaknesses. It was a really useful exercise and meant that we were quickly able to identify which areas we should increase capacity in.

I am over-simplifying the skillsets a touch here, but when we were assessing what we use to create our websites, we boiled it down to:

  • Design
  • HTML/CSS (to be fair, this could be split into two)
  • JavaScript (annotated below as jQuery)
  • ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC, PHP (or other dynamic language)
  • C# / VB
  • SQL (the database interaction)

We did this so we could map out the skillsets we had internally and where we would gain the most benefit in our next employee (we're hiring again if you're interested, get in touch). It turns out that our skills internally are fairly well balanced at the moment:


Looking at that however it's evident that we're a little light on the frontend side of things (HTML/CSS/JavaScript). That's not necessarily a bad thing as it's often quicker than the more codey aspects, so one developer can keep a couple of backend developers going. Another thing that I've over-simplified in this chart is the level each resource has so it may be worth factoring that in as well.

So what did we conclude? Looking at that, I'd say we're looking for someone who is a little more backend based.

How does your company's skillset look?

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