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Clean out unused media items from Umbraco media folder

When uploading some new media items for a client today we noticed that if you selected "Remove" before saving, it doesn't actually remove the file from the FileSystem. Having a quick look around the forums I saw there are a few posts already pointing this out so I thought I'd fix it.

This is a little application that simply checks the media items in the database and then compares it against a folder you select on your machine. If the file is in use according to the database then it's ignored otherwise it will remove it.

To use:

  1. Enter your server's login details
  2. Click "Test Connection"
  3. Select the relevant database from the drop down
  4. Check the "Media Folder Name" matches your Umbraco's installation
  5. Locate your Media Folder on your computer
  6. Click "Check Media Folder" -this will then list all the orphan files
  7. If it looks right, click "Delete" -with caution
  8. Job done

There are a few checks in place to avoid mishap but it's not 100% foolproof as I needed something rough and ready to sort a couple of installations out. If this is something that's seen as useful I'll extend it a touch, some ideas I've got already:

  • Check that the selected media folder matches that of the database
  • Check that the media id's are the same (to avoid wiping another installation)
  • Save config settings for easy re-use
  • Use webservices rather than a direct connection to the database
  • Enable FTP useage

Please note: I accept no responsibility if anything was to go horribly wrong with this. I would backup your folder first just in case!

You can download the MediaFolderCleaner application here

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