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  1. Apr

    Drop/Kill all connections to a SQL Database

    Every now and again you need to get exclusivity to a database e.g. to do a database restore but someone is connected. You can manually find who it is using EXEC sp_who but that can result in having to

    Posted by: Tim on Thursday, April 04 2019
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  2. Aug

    How to: Restore nodes from a SQL backup

    We had an odd issue the other day where a bunch of nodes disappeared from one of our Umbraco installs. There didn't appear to be any reason behind why they were gone and the customer assured me that

    Posted by: Tim on Tuesday, August 15 2017
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  3. Nov

    Download any Umbraco document type’s values as crosstab/Excel table

    In a follow up to my post yesterday -How to download Umbraco content properties into a crosstab table this is the follow up SQL Script that makes it even easier to download any Umbraco document type

    Posted by: Tim on Tuesday, November 09 2010
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