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  1. Jan

    New Year -new blog layout

    I’ve never really been happy with the look and feel of this blog and felt that it needed jazzing up a little –especially now I’m getting more and more hits on it but life got in the way and as ugly

    Posted by: Tim on Tuesday, January 02 2007
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  2. Nov

    Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design

    After the fun and games we had with IE and sorting out an old CSS design for on Friday when I saw this pie chart I thought it was an excellent summary of a modern web

    Posted by: Tim on Saturday, November 04 2006
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  3. Oct

    Tendering - Who, What, When and How?

    The tendering process can be a daunting when you know what you’re doing, but what about if you don’t know what you’re doing? I’ve tried to summarise the process for those of you who haven’t gone through it before have also covered some of the finer points. This is in follow-up to my last article about How to price your work.

    Posted by: Tim on Monday, October 30 2006
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