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  1. Oct

    Do you know where your company's skills are lacking?

    We're recruiting again and to work out what type of recruit we would benefit from the most, we decided to try and assess our strengths and weaknesses. It was a really useful exercise and meant that we

    Posted by: Tim on Tuesday, October 30 2012
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  2. Jul

    Market rates -can I have the same hourly rate for all clients?

    This started out as a response to a comment and then I thought it might be better as a post in it's own right. In his comment David Conlisk said: First off Tim very well done on providing some

    Posted by: Tim on Thursday, July 03 2008
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  3. May

    Time on the phone -wasted time?

    After a somewhat hectic week last week, with most of it being spent on the phone (which is becoming a more regular occurrence) I asked myself “has all this time on the phone been wasted time?” Well, I

    Posted by: Tim on Tuesday, May 08 2007
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