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Automatically delete old IIS log files

This is a really useful little VBS script that I’ve been meaning to post for a while now (along with a couple of other little applications I’ve written for log file analysis). I don’t think I wrote this script but at the same time can’t recall where it came from.

It basically traverses the FSO finding files with the designated extension and assuming the match the standard IIS date format, checks whether they’re older than x days, if they are deletes them. Running it is simple, place somewhere obvious on the server and just double click it. Alternatively if you want to read the output, run it from CMD. For safety’s sake, the first time you run it I would leave it just printing out the files that will be deleted.

Personally I don’t schedule this script as although automation is great, I’ll probably have it delete the logs before I’ve had a chance to download them so what I tend to do is download the logs and then after that (or the next time I’m on RDC) I run it, I find that way I ensure I get all the log files i.e. if I go on holiday.

I’ve got two other applications that I’ll post shortly, one outputs the location of the log files for each domain name within IIS and the other combines the log files into one for analysis –it also takes the exported file/folder locations and names the combined log files with the domain’s name –saves a ton of time!

Download the VBS script as a ZIP file

Option Explicit

Dim intDaysOld, strObjTopFolderPath, strLogFIleSuffix, ObjFS, ObjTopFolder 
Dim ObjDomainFolder, ObjW3SvcFolder, ObjSubFolder, ObjLogFile, ObjFile

intDaysOld        = 5        'Number of days to retain on the server
strObjTopFolderPath    = ""        'The location of your log files
strLogFIleSuffix    = ".log"    'The suffix of your log files

Set ObjFS = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set ObjTopFolder = ObjFS.GetFolder(strObjTopFolderPath)

For Each ObjDomainFolder in ObjTopFolder.SubFolders
WScript.Echo("Folder: " &
    For Each ObjW3SvcFolder in ObjDomainFolder.SubFolders
        WScript.Echo("  Folder: " &
        Set ObjSubFolder = ObjFS.GetFolder(ObjW3SvcFolder)
            For each ObjLogFile in ObjSubFolder.files
                Set ObjFile = ObjFS.GetFile(ObjLogFile)
                If datediff("d",ObjFile.DateLastModified,Date()) > intDaysOld and lcase(right(ObjLogFile,4))=strLogFIleSuffix then
                    WScript.Echo("    Will delete " & & "\" &
                    'WScript.Echo("    Deleted " & & "\" &
                End If
                Set ObjFile = nothing
        Set ObjSubFolder = nothing

Set ObjTopFolder = nothing
Set ObjFS = nothing
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