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3 years of wanting one, 3 months till we got it and totally worth it!!

So after nearly 3months of waiting (or it may have been over 3 months actually), we finally picked up the RX-8 (referred to as "the 8") yesterday. Having waited this long I had everything planned and ready to go.

After sorting out the final payments etc and having a quick look around the car, we were off! I can’t even begin to describe how pleased I am with the car, it’s so much fun to drive and not only that, I don’t think the fuel efficiency is too bad. I’ve done 440miles so far and on my first full tank I managed 277.5miles (mostly motorways but there were a couple of hours pottering around town) that works out at 22.2mpg which baring in mind this is the break-in period that uses more fuel than after around 4k miles...

I really can’t fault the car so far, because you’re meant to “break the car in” for the first 600 miles or so, I’m being very careful not to push it too much but boy what fun, without taking it over 5k ish revs I’ve been getting out every time with a massive smile! Don’t get me started on the looks Stacey and I have been getting from clearly very envious pedestrians…

If I had to pick a fault with it I’d be hard pushed to, the price was great, insurance less than I was paying for a 1.2l Corsa 3 years ago (though I do have 1years NCD now!!), fuel efficiency not bad for a 231bhp, the drive’s so much fun, the look is incredible and build feels quality and solid. Top marks for Mazda me thinks! 3 years of wanting one, 3 months till I got it and totally worth it!!

You’re all more than welcome to come and have a play in it sometime, I don’t think I’ll be needing an excuse to take her out! For now though, here are some photos.

From A Far From The Front Profiled From The Side Front Open Both Doors Open Down Low Rear Light Cluster

The first time I had to park it and leave it ;) Parked

Proof the mpg aren't really THAT bad... First Tank

These are more for the 8 guys, but it shows the new Air Conditioner grill fitted by Mazda, it’s only covering 1/3rd of the intake and not at all on the oil cooler so I think I’ll be adding the vents :)

AC Grill Close Up AC Grill from the front OC Vents and Flys

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