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  1. Feb

    How To: Return the customer to your site after paying with WorldPay

    Stripe is generally our go-to PCI compliant payment gateway but from time to time we're asked to use alternatives such as WorldPay. For the most this is fine but redirecting the shopping from WorldPay

    Posted by: Tim on Wednesday, February 14 2018
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  2. Dec

    GDPR Data Flow Diagram Template

    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is one of the hot topics at the moment and we've been helping clients get their website ready for the pending changes.One of the trickier required (but

    Posted by: Tim on Monday, December 04 2017
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  3. Prices including tax on uCommerce

    Most of our retailers price point their products to include tax i.e. a shirt that costs you £100 would include a proportion of VAT that the retailer would have to pay (at the moment about £16.67).

    Posted by: Tim on Friday, December 14 2012
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