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  1. Mar

    New Twitter SEO spam scam -protect your twitter name even if you don't want to use it

    I came across a really interesting method of spamming Twitter on Friday, presumably for SEO benefits but it was intriguing so I thought I'd share. I came across it on a Twitter account that was setup

    Posted by: Tim on Wednesday, March 24 2010
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  2. Dec

    Settling with "it'll do"

    Do you really want what you do to be classed as "it'll do"? At the moment it would appear that a lot of businesses are happy to say "It'll do" rather than put that extra mile to "It's excellent".

    Posted by: Tim on Friday, December 12 2008
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  3. Nov

    What's Google missing this time?

    I guess it's something to do with fair competition etc but I found this rather interesting when adding a client to Google's Business Listing the other day. Can anyone else spot a missing payment

    Posted by: Tim on Tuesday, November 25 2008
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  4. Jul

    Market rates -can I have the same hourly rate for all clients?

    This started out as a response to a comment and then I thought it might be better as a post in it's own right. In his comment David Conlisk said: First off Tim very well done on providing some

    Posted by: Tim on Thursday, July 03 2008
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